31 Day Towards Financial Freedom!

Friday, September 30, 2011

"The Nester" is doing a 31 days series along with these fabulous ladies.  This series is starting on October 1st and will run until October 31st.  They have invited other blogs to participate and I have decided that I will give it a shot :-)

I have decided to do my series on "31 Days Towards Financial Freedom."  My husband and I have completely changed our financial ways once reading and listening to Dave Ramsey.  We have been following "The Total Money Makeover" and it has changed our life dramatically! 

The Total Money Makeover forum is actually where I first fell in love with the DIY blog world.  I found a post recommending Thrifty Decor Chick and from then on I was obsessed interested in DIY and decorating. 

I thought there was no way I could decorate our house the way I had hoped because it wouldn't work with our budget.  Little did I know that not only could decorate on a budget, but that I would actually like the free/cheap items better!  I have had much more fun to personalizing my home by making the things I like, instead of purchasing the high end decor that looks the same as everyone else's.

I hope that you will join me for the next 31 days to hear some of my favorite money saving ideas!

Day 1 ~ Budget

Day 2 ~ Cash is King

Day 3 ~ Change Your Mindset

Day 4 ~Shaving Down the Grocery Bill

Day 5 ~ Think Outside the Box

Day 6 ~ Baby Steps

Day 7 ~ Get Together

Day 8 ~ The Reluctant Spouse

Day 9 ~ Reward Yourself

Day 10 ~ No Credit Cards Allowed! 

Day 11 ~ Emergency Fund 

Day 12 ~ Bye Bye Debt

Day 13 ~ Earning Extra Income

Day 14 ~ Infrequent Payments

Day 15 ~ Avoid Impulse Shopping

Day 16 ~ Consignment Stores

Day 17 ~ Making Cuts

Day 18 ~ Be Careful Who Your Friends Are

Day 19 ~ To Tithe or not to Tithe

Day 20 ~ Making the Hard Decisions

Day 21 ~ Co-signing

Day 22 ~ Borrowing from Family or Friends

Day 23 ~ Start Young

Day 24 ~ Emergency Fund #2

Day 25 ~ Student Loan Debt

Day 26 ~ Buying a House

Day 27 ~ Oops I did it Again

Day 28 ~ Favorite Money Saving Websites

Day 29 ~ The Dreaded FICO Score

Day 30 ~ Do You Really Need all that Stuff?!

Day 31 ~ Be Weird


Julia @ 551Eastdesign said...

This will be great! I love budgeting so I'm excited to learn some new tips!

Debra said...

I am excited you to read what write this month. I considered doing my my 31 days posts on finance but decided on hospitality so I am really interested!

AnnieBlogs said...

This sounds great! So excited to read and learn!

Sherrill said...

I am looking forward to following you, Brooke! I, too, am on a Total Money Makeover.

Paula said...

I am in!

Kristen said...

Indeed! There is so much freedom when one is debt free...even if we had to go all summer without AC as ours broke and we didn't have cash to replace it. So we save...

Brooke @ Spruce Your Nest said...

I am so excited to have you all along for this series!

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