31 Days Towards Financial Freedom ~ Day 25 *STUDENT LOAN DEBT*

Thursday, October 27, 2011

There is this crazy epidemic running wild in our country called Student Loans!  They are sleeping giants that wake up and destroy lives!

I was one of the unfortunate souls who did not think twice about having a student loan because going to the best college was the most important...I am here to tell you that a college education is a college education, regardless where you get it.

I am working as a recruiter for a 2 billion dollar corporation and I can tell you, even when looking at candidates for Director and VP positions, 9 times out of 10 the fact that they have a degree is what I look at not where they attended school.

It breaks my heart to think of the poor students who graduate with their Master's carrying a hefty $100,000 in student loan debt and think that they will land a great job so their debt will magically disappear.  Sadly, they land a job at $40k and will be paying off their loans for a very long time. 

College really does you a diservice if you think you are coming out ahead and going to be starting your big career, making the big bucks, and you have student loan debt worth more than a house!

If you are the one who will be going to school in the near future and don't have your money saved up, please go to community college and work your way through school or start finding a way to save and work your way through the University of your choice.  I PROMISE you will not regret that choice!

It you are working on paying off your debt please make sure you add these student loans in your debt snowball and treat them like you would any other debt.


Kelli @ The Loss Cause said...

Ha! Student loan debt. My arch enemy! My hubsters was one of the well over 100k guys. Luckily he makes good money and we will be done soon -- not the case with most people.

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