31 Days Towards Financial Freedom ~ Day 16 *Consignment Stores*

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First off I want to say I am so sorry that this post late...The good news is that it was because I have been busy working on a big project!  I finally started on my hutch that has been sitting in the garage for a few months now.  I worked on that so much Sunday that I just wanted to hang out with the family that evening and not even turn on the computer.  Then last night I stayed up till 11pm writing this post and somehow it all got erased!  So instead of killing myself to get it done when I needed to get up for work at 5am, I decided to wait and finish it before work this morning :-)

That being said, here is Day 16!

Have you ever been to a consignment store?  If not, you MUST go!  They are just fabulous! 

My first experience with a consignment store was probably about 15 years ago and all I remember is it smelling like my grandmother's sock drawer (not that I ever smelt her sock drawer, but you get the
picture :-)) and all the clothes looked like they were for the 80's business woman with the shoulder pads and all.  Definitely NOT something a teenager would be caught dead in!

Boy have I been missing out all these years! 

We recently had an upscale consignment and coffee shop open up in our town and it is awesome!  You would never know it is a consignment store.  They only accept clothes in EXCELLENT condition and they have to be fashionable! 

This particular store takes 15 items at a time and you get paid 50% if/when your item sells.  I have taken in approximately 20 items, from clothes to jewelry and shoes.  I check in once a month to see if they have a check waiting for me.  I have made approximately $60 in a past few months (nothing to call home about, but money is money). 

My absolute favorite consignment store is a store called "Kid to Kid."  They sell children's clothing, toys, and even maternity clothes.  The nice thing about them is that you can take in as many items as you want and they will give you cash for them right away.  You can also choose to receive store credit, which amounts to more than you would receive in cash.  Right now I have over $50 in store credit there and I can get a crazy amount of stuff for my kids for that!

I have purchased some of my daughter's favorites from Kid to Kid.  I got Charlee a cute little red pea coat for $5 that looks like it has never been worn, cute flower headbands, tutus and so much more!

So, next time you clean out the closets make sure that instead of just a Goodwill pile, that you think about what good quality items you might be able to earn a little extra income with.

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I LOVE your series!!! Glad I landed on your site! I'm your newest follower and hope you'll stop by to say hi and follow me, too!

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