31 Days Towards Financial Freedom ~ Day 15 *AVOID IMPULSE SHOPPING*

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We all know the walk into a store and see the chair what you have been eyeing every day for the past month and today it is marked down 20%!!  LIMITED TIME ONLY!  You buy the chair and after the a couple weeks the excitement wears off and the money is gone.  Then you come across the same chair in another store, but in a color you like even  more and guess what? it's $15 cheaper (not on sale) than the one you purchased at the special marked down price! 


We all get the fever from time to time and blow our budget.  For some of us it is when we see an item we just fall in love with and have to have and for others (like myself) it happens when I have been budgeting for so long and doing so well and then I just have a day where I splurge!  Kind of like a dieter at a Christmas party staring at all the goodies...


You don't stay within the diet and have just one, you eat 8 cookies, a piece of apple pie, mashed potatoes and gravy and on and on!  Then you want to just want to give up all together! 

This is why it is necessary to have a plan to try to cut down the impulse shopping.

1.  Have a Plan When Shopping - If you need to pick up some items at Target or the Mall, go in with a list and your budget.  Do not allow yourself to pick up anything that is not on that list. 

2.  Sleep on it - If you see an item you just have to have, don't buy it that day.  Go home and look at your budget and sleep on it.  In most cases you will most likely decide that it isn't the right choice.  If it is something that you decide you want, just adjust the budget to make it happen so there is no guilt.

3.  Keep the Tags on - If you do get the fever and act on it, don't fret.  Just keep the tags on it and keep the receipt and follow step #2.  In most cases the purchase will not be final and you can return it if you made a poor decision.

The most important thing is not to allow an impulse buy to knock you completely off the Financial Freedom wagon.


Debra said...

Impulse shopping is hard for sure. Especially places like Target & Walmart. If I only need one thing and can buy it at the grocery store I do that - even if it's a dollar or 2 more than the other 2 stores I figure it's less than the $20 I'll spend on all the cute things at the Dollar Spot! It works for me! I am loving your series.


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