31 Days Towards Financial Freedom ~ Day 11 *EMERGENCY FUND*

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So remember how I just told you to cut up those credit cards, and now you have no backup in case something goes wrong? 

This is where you will save for an emergency...

If you have any debt at all right now and no savings I want you to focus on saving your emergency fund before you begin paying more than your minimum on are only going to pay your minimum payment on all loans and debts until you stave for Baby Step #1.  (Remember when I talked about the baby steps?) 

Your very first goal is to save $1000 for the emergency fund. 

Why $1000 you ask?

Because this needs to be large enough to cover most emergencies (car repairs, broken window, etc) and it is just small enough to keep you in the panic mode to desire to get to the place of financial peace as soon as possible.

The function of the emergency fund is only to have something to fall back on so that you don't put anything else on those evil credit cards

What happens if you are paying off your debt and have to use your emergency fund?

You stop paying more than your minimum immediately until you build that emergency fund back up.  It is absolutely critical that you have your emergency fund funded at all times.

What if you don't have anything extra to put towards an emergency fund?

If this is the case, as it is with many, you need to make some serious changes TODAY!  I would suggest selling everything possible, cut your extras (even your TV if need be), and find a second form of income - no matter how small.  The goal here is to get this step done as quickly as possible to start yourself on the path towards FREEDOM :-))

You will find that the things that used to be seen as emergencies when you relied on your credit cards as your backup, really don't fall into the emergency category anymore.  This step will really make you think outside the box and get creative with your finances so that you don't have to dip into that fund. 

Happy Saving!


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