Bad chairs gone worse

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have been MIA once again because I have still been working on these silly chairs.  I should have been done with this project 2 weeks ago!

I picked up these ugly chairs at a garage sale.  I had envisioned yellow chairs with this beautiful fabric that I just loved.  After 4 hours of painting (yes 4 hours!!) I took them inside and was immediately disgusted!  Not only because they were a puke yellow/green, but because I wasted a whole Saturday afternoon on the darn things!

So I decided that I would just stain them brown with my walnut brown stain, which was again an ultimate failure :-( I was so uncertain of where to go from here...I decided to just let them sit for a for a few days.  So there they sat in my garage mocking me every time I opened the door.

After gaining the courage to paint them again I decided to head to Home Depot to try some Behr paint, because the type of paint must have been my problem ;-) I got a beautiful yellow that was the exact golden yellow color I was looking for.  Well it turned out yellow alright!  BLINDING yellow!  It took all I had not to just write FREE on these time wasting chairs and stick them out on the curb...

After banging my head against the wall a couple deep breaths I got to work again.  I decided to try mixing some of my white paint with my yellow paint to tone it down a bit.

I placed it in my dining room and stared at it for 2 days...It wasn't a horrible eye sore, but it certainly wasn't what I was going for.  Another battle lost... Chairs 3 Brooke 0  

At this point I have realized that these chairs are just not destined to be yellow.  I thought of painting them the same blue as my hutch but I didn't want everything to be too matchy matchy.  Then my mom pointed out the obvious, the rust colored red in the fabric.  How could I have been so blind!  I looked around and this color is everywhere in my living and dining room!  The best part is that I am using spray paint this time so it will only take me about a 1/2 hour instead of 4 hours. 

These chairs may have one the battle, or several battles, but I am darn well going to win the war!  So tonight I am turning up the Rocky theme song (you've got it in your head now, don't you ;-))and getting to work!

Why is it that the simplest solutions that are right in front of you are so often missed?  Sometimes I wonder if all these paint fumes are getting to me :-))


WhyCuzICan said...

You are very sweet and you have the patience of a Saint, I tell ya! I thought I was loosing my mind with my latest redo of a simple kitchen table with dark stain top and white bottom (follow my link and look for the post called "Meet Spot" to read about it if you'd like).

I'm glad you didn't give up on these chairs--- honestly, they are adorable!

I'm a follower of yours (reading my my dashboard links now)
~Suzanne in Illinois

Brooke @ Spruce Your Nest said...

Thanks Suzanne! I love your table, you definitely have some patience too :-)) I am just happy to be done with this project finally!

Sammy said...

lol! I love this post. You sound like me!
I'm a new follower now! : )

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