How to declutter your home in minutes

Friday, August 5, 2011

On the journey towards having a clean house with less stress and getting rid of my perfectionism I am on the search for easy decluttering ideas...

Have you ever gotten the call that someone was on the way over and you just about died because your house looked like a bomb just went off and you only had 5 minutes to clean?  I have some quick decluttering ideas to help you clean on a whim and to help keep your house looking picked up.

Today I am going to start with kids toys...

I always had this fear that once we had kids our house was going to look like one big play room. We don't have the luxury of a separate playroom in our house and I definitely wanted our house to still feel like adults live here.  I used to try to get all toys picked up and out of the living room so that it looked adult friendly ;-) but that is down right exhausting.  I have since decided that the best solution to a clutter free home is to incorporate some of the children's toys into our decor. 

I hide some of the unsightly, but often used toys, such as the blue one you see in the corner ;-)  Then for the million little toys and puzzles that get used often, I use a big red tub that we just throw everything into. 
It isn't the prettiest arrangement, but it is certainly better than toys all over the floor and easier than putting everything back in it's place.  The key for me is to have everything be simple for putting things away so that my girls can help as well.

My goal is to replace this entertainment center, since we don't need it any longer, with a cute dresser.  That way I will be able to hide even more toys.  My girls are currently sharing a room, so the more space I have in their room the better!

How do you all avoid clutter and the kid's toys taking over your house?


Anonymous said...

I let the boys get their room as dirty as they like during the day. Only a small number of toys may be allowed only when they are with the boys. Then the mess stays away in one area. Also, they have to pick it all up at the end of the day.

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