Christmas times a coming...

Friday, December 23, 2011

I can't believe that Christmas is only 2 days away!

It is bitter sweet for me because Christmas is my absolute favorite Holiday ever, but just a few days after the company I work for will be closing down their location here and I will be out of a job...

We have had fair warning that this was happening, but it seriously came so quickly it is unreal!  I am really looking forward to some time off to spend with my kids and doing some major catch up around our house, but at the same time it is so weird to go into the unknown.

I have the longest list of projects that I want to complete though, so I am super excited to share those with you next month!

Until then I will be enjoying my time with my family, eating way too much and watching Christmas Vacation and Elf over and over...

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday doing what ever it is that you will be doing this Holiday. 

My thoughts and prayers are with those who cannot be with their families due to the military or other situations that prevent it.  I am so grateful for the sacrifices that so many make so that we may be free.


My hope for everyone is that we try to remember what this season is really about and don't get too caught up in the chaos of the Holiday. 

Merry Christmas to you all!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your job. My husband's job was eliminated when he was 63 years old. We actually had to sell our house and move to a different state. Looking back it was one of the hardest things we had been through turned into the best thing that could have happened to us. We are happily living in Cincinnati with many new friends, a fabulous school system for my kids with special needs and yes even a job for my husband. Christmas Blessings to your beautiful family.

Sally said...

My thoughts are with you during your time of uncertainty... our family has had those times in our life and I know how unsettling it is for everyone involved. Somehow everything has worked out - and we've ended up happy! That will be my prayer for you. Selfishly I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your projects :) May God bring you many blessings in 2012!

Brooke @ Spruce Your Nest said...

Thanks ladies! Thankfully my husband has been very busy with work and hopefully that will continue...
I can't wait to get working on projects next week and being able to post more often will be great!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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