Is it Spring Yet!!??

Monday, March 5, 2012

We have had fabulous weather here this weekend and it has given me Spring fever! 

Is anyone else there with me yet? 

I am dying to makeover our back yard this summer and have been scouring Pinterest for some inspiration.

I thought I would share so you can all drool with me :-)

Pinned Image

This walkway is just lovely!  I love when the most simple things are the most beautiful!

Pinned Image

How fun are these tire planters?!  I would never have thought to paint tires like that!

Pinned Image


How brilliant to use an old dresser as a planter!  I would change a few things about this look, but such a brilliant idea!

So how about you all?  Do you have your gardening gloves out yet?


Laurie @ said...

Ohhh, I love picture #1. and how creative with the tires!

Eschelle said...

I have been collecting things on pinterest to fix my balcony up too!! I just need to deal with my storage problem lol!!!

Sugarr2518 said...

I completely know where your coming from, as far as Spring fever goes!!! I have been ready for the past month or so. We have had a VERY mild winter. It gets warm and then cold, just ready for summer and to get back outside! I was just pinning some things for making a garden/landscaping, too! I love the picture of the lights you have there:) Spring needs to be here already!!!

Flo said...

I love the tire planters! antd your blog is very interesting

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