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Monday, September 19, 2011

I hope everyone is had a wonderful weekend!  I ended up getting food poisoning on Friday (that's what I get for splurging on pizza and hot wings ;-) and slept all day!  The good news is that I woke up with so much energy to get things done on Saturday. 

One of my lovely friends dropped off a huge amount of hand-me-downs for my daughter, which proved to start a very big project.  Charlee loves her clothes like no one else, especially when they are hand-me-downs!  This is what our front entry looked like after Charlee examined and tried on everything...

I am so grateful for these adorable clothes, but I had no idea where I was going to put them!  My girls have been sharing a room since we moved and that makes storage much tighter.

Luckily one problem turned into a solution for another...

Recently Colbie has decided that she doesn't want to sleep in her crib any longer and has been waking me up at 3am each morning not wanting to go back to sleep.  I decided I couldn't take it another night, so I decided it was time to switch it to the toddler bed. 

Here is another classic case of my brilliance.  I have had the instructions to this crib under the bed for 4 years (and of course in all that time I have never needed them) and when we moved I put them in that special place so that I would not lose them. 

So began the one hour search...not in the well organized "owner's manuals box," not in the closet with the extra bed rails, not in the other closet with the extra crib sheets, not under the bed, not in the garage...

Frustrated and feeling the day escaping me I decided to just wing it and try to take the bed apart by myself.  Well, no luck with this either because I did not have the right type of screw driver to get the project done.  At this point I gave up and let my dear husband rescue me once again.  Seriously, it is so frustrating sometimes feeling like I can't accomplish the simplest task! 

Brian takes apart the bed and tries to put up the side rails and guess what? Those darn special screws for the guard rails are sitting in the same special place as the instructions.  I convinced him that she doesn't need those silly rails, the bed is practically on the ground as it is.  Besides, she has a bear that is bigger than my husband thanks to my sister that we can lay next to her bed :-) 

Well low and behold, the first night in her new toddler bed she falls out!  Don't worry the over sized bear did it's job, but she was over her new bed.  From then on she has been sleeping with her sister in the big bed.  The funny thing is a few days ago Charlee decided that it is much more fun to sleep in the crib...there was something seriously wrong with this picture when I would come in in the morning and the toddler is in the big bed and the 4 year old is in a crib!

Needless to say the crib just had to go.  It is bitter sweet for me because I hate to think that I don't have a baby left, but it just melts my heart when those two sleep together and cuddle up at night and now I have a spot for this dresser!  I convinced my husband we should sell the crib instead of the dresser it's a win - win right?!

Oh yeah, back to my point the clothes have a home inside the new to me dresser instead of my entry way. 

I still have a ton I would like to do to this room, but for now it is so much better.

before - don't judge it didn't always look this bad ;-)



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