Meet Brooke

Hi there!  My name is Brooke.  I am a child of God, a wife to a wonderful, patient and loving husband and a mom to two wonderful daughters.  I have started on a journey of making my house a home.

I am trying to add a little bit of uniqueness, personalization and charm to my home.  I should start off by saying that I am probably the least artistic & creative person that you would ever meet :-)

However, I have learned that anyone can recreate and learn from others.  I only look at magazines and learn from the fabulous bloggers (that actually know what they are doing), and try some of their ideas for my own home. 

I have always waited to have a beautifully decorated home until I had the money or the right house worth decorating.  I have since decided that no time is better than the present. 

I am having a blast learning and taking risks.  My hope is that you might break out the glue gun and paint (don't worry I won't make you sew, since I don't know how ;-)) and take a stab at Sprucing Your Nest with me!